Flinders Island, we need your ideas and thoughts about the future of our farming property, Quoin.

The Quoin is a property located north of Killiecrankie and has historically been a cattle-grazing property featuring predominately well-drained, sandy limestone soils with plenty of undulations, slopes and varied landscapes. The property is especially high in natural beauty with stunning views of Deal and Craigie Island, positioned underneath Mt Killiecrankie.

Tom and Jo Youl are interested in maximising the tourism potential of the property. We are seeking your ideas and input about the future of our family farm. Please have your say and follow any updates via this official website.

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Flinders Island – where are we now?

The Flinders Municipality generates some $42 million annually through its main industries: agriculture, fishing, accommodation, tourism, and health care. Education standards and income levels are similar to the Tasmanian average; however, the average age of the Flinders Island population is significantly above Tasmanian and Australian averages. Enjoying a very low unemployment rate of just 2.1%, as of March 2013, many opportunities exist for people to move to the region for work. Indeed, the expansion of some industries is presently being restricted by a lack of available, trained staff in the area.

The future growth of Flinders Island relies on the development of niche products and value-adding to our already high quality primary products. With Flinders' beef, lamb, wallaby and seafood products increasingly in demand and tourism numbers rising annually, the region is well placed to continue to steadily grow.

Source: http://www.flinders.tas.gov.au/community-profile-id

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Benefits to the community

  • Creating more jobs on Flinders Island
  • Sustainable image – nature based (part self-sufficient energy/food/water)
  • Visually sensitive to Killiecrankie
  • Low impact and low volumes of people
  • No compromise to agricultural pursuits – respect land capability
  • Farm diversification – primary product development
  • Environmental impacts, including potential threatened flora and fauna/weed management
  • Respect to cultural heritage
  • Support for local products
  • Sustainability – ongoing opportunities for tourism operators
  • Property values
  • Flow-on effects for other businesses
  • Formalising and developing walking trails
  • Impact upon existing access/services and infrastructure
  • Expose Island to a wider tourism market
  • Ongoing communication channels will be open throughout the entire process

Project updates


Quoin tourism facility

The proposed Quoin tourism facility is still subject to further technical and feasibility studies and market research.

Currently the draft concept includes...

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Quoin Farm Planning

Tom and Jo Youl have been living at the Quoin for nearly three years and have recently taken ownership of the property. They are...

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